Top 10 Nutritious Foods, List of Superfoods

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Food plays an essential role in our daily life routine. Different food items and dishes of several tastes like a spicy, combo of sweet and sour, salty, bitter, and umami, but the wait is every food good for our health? Does it deliver that much energy and nourishment to our bodies?

Well not to worry about that here you will get to know regarding the top 10 nutritious food items and how to include them in our daily meals. Over the years, research shows that many diseases like High Blood Pressure Problems, Many Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Certain cancers causing harm to the human body. They can be reduced by adding a few simple and healthy dietary patterns such as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) and Mediterranean Diet. Both these patterns are plant-based helping out in the reduction of chronic disease and have demonstrated significant health benefits.

So let us discuss a few food items known as ‘Superfoods’ that offer us many essential and essential nutrients required by our body daily. On adding, those nutrients to our daily food habitat would provide a power-pack to our meals and snacks, a further enhancement to a healthy eating pattern in our regular lifestyle.

List of Superfoods and how to include them in our meals:-

  1. Fish:Fatty acids have always been cursed for affecting our health, but on the other hand, we have few fatty acids, which are essential for our body and one of them is OMEGA-3. This fatty acid and many other nutrients can be found in different fishes; even fishes are a rich source of protein.

We can buy them fresh, canned, or frozen and can eat them as a complete one-time meal. Salmon, Tuna steaks, Mackerel, Trout are few fishes with the highest Omega-3 content. Omega-3 provides greasing to the joints between our bones, and regular intake of omega-3 maintains our joints health for the rest of our life.

  1. Nuts: – Nuts play an important role in reducing the factors resulting in heart diseases as they have the right amount of mono-saturated fats in them and are a source of providing plant protein to our body.

While having our breakfast, we can have a handful of nuts too, or we can add them to oatmeal or yogurt. We should have nuts in a limited amount, or we can use varieties of nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, cashew, peanut, etc. because nuts are calorically dense. Nuts can also be added while having cooked veggies or salads, as they add taste as well as nourishment to them.

  1. Tomatoes:Tomatoes are beneficial in the reduction of risks of prostate cancer, as they are rich in vitamin-C and lycopene.

When tomatoes are cooked under healthy fats like olive oil, the lycopene present in them becomes more available for us. Even including them in our salads, we get a great taste, the intake of tomatoes in the way of sauce is also found healthy.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables:Vegetables are a source that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and photochemical with the inclusion of indoles, nitriles, and thiocyanates all these may result in fighting against a few types of cancers. Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, mustard greens much more vegetables are included here.

While having soups, pasta dishes, and casseroles, we can add frozen cruciferous vegetables to them, or we can have them as a stir-fry or steamed by adding seasonings and oils just for flavor.

  1. Berries:It contains fiber in high amount, naturally tastes sweet, the most important reason for adding berries to this list is their rich colors representing them to be high in antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients. 

We can have berries with yogurt, cereals, smoothies, oatmeal. As berries are seasonal so in the offseason, we can store or buy them frozen and have them as everyday snacks.

  1. Whole Grains:-If you need preventions from diabetes, increase the number of whole grains to your meals, as they are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, even they contain phytonutrients and several B vitamins and minerals.

Try buying a 100% Whole Wheat Flour bread from the market and start having brown rice, quinoa, and bulgur in place of a baked potato. Having whole grains as our breakfast of the first meal of the day, our body gets more energy for the entire day.

  1. Olive oil:Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and especially polyphenols results in the reduction of risks to heart disease.

While cooking, we can replace our regular cooking oil with olive oil for better nourishment of food and good taste, while sautéing or could be used as dressing to drizzle over vegetables or salads, replace butter or margarine in pasta and rice dishes with olive oil.

  1. Legumes: – These are an excellent source of folate, fiber, and plant-based protein. They include all types of beans and peas, helping out in the reduction of risks for heart diseases.

Making chili or bean-based spread or including them in soups, salads are the most beneficial ways to have them in our daily meals.

  1. Leafy Greens:Leafy vegetables are full of photochemical which are made by plants and leave a positive effect on our health. They are a good source of Vitamin- A, C as well as calcium and fiber too. Adding them to our meals provides a higher amount of nourishing food to our bodies.

Adding spinach, kale, swiss chard, or collard greens to our meals as a salad or sauté them with olive oil or we can have them as soup or stews provides all the nourishment to our body.

  1. Yogurts:Our body also holds a percentage of good bacteria, which plays a huge role in curing us, and protecting us from various viruses, as well as we need calcium for our bones, so yogurt is rich in all these essentials things, the base of yogurt is milk and live culture called probiotics. Fortunately, these play a significant role in having a well-maintained and healthy body.

Trying buying plain yogurt rich in Lactobacillus, L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus and S. thermophiles instead of flavored, fruit, and sweet yogurt as they have high sugar content, buy plain yogurt and add fruits at your own which would be more beneficial. We can replace mayonnaise and sour cream in dips and sauces by yogurt.


There are several substances that are more nutritious in the world that could be added to the diet depending upon the requirement of the individual’s body. These are some of those substances that are required by every single person on this Earth and can be proved beneficial for them.

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