Sokokz review: Is an approved website?

If you are looking for any kind of information about the Sokokz website then you reached the right place. Here in this article, we provide you all the important and valid information about whether it is an approved site or not?

What is is an online shopping store which sells fashionable women’s clothing like; Shirts, Tops, Dresses, Shorts, Capri’s, Pants, Coats, and Knitwear in different style, price, colors, and sizes.

We do not claim if website is fake or legit yet, read our full article below to know more about

1- Company and Owner info: doesn’t disclose any important information about its company. They don’t even reveal its owner’s info; no one knows who is running Sokokz. Even on the WHOIS record, Sokokz doesn’t give any valid information about their company and owner.

Mostly scam sites hide their true identity from their clients. You were no able to find any information about them on their website, they don’t even have ‘ABOUT US’ page on the homepage of their website. These kinds of things raise many questions on customer’s minds regarding the website.

2- Contact & Address:

Sokokz does not have any contact information on their official website page. They have just provided an email on their contact us page which is not enough to trust them. They also mentioned an address on their website about the company’s location but we don’t know if it is real or fake.

Many online websites have provided their contact info, email id, and their location to their customers because it helps them to build trust among their customers.

3- Product and Price: is selling its products at a very high price. For example; Petra dress at $304, Nina dress at $335, and many other products at a very high range. According to the fancy clothes and their high prices, it is hard to tell that Sokokz is a scam site because many other scam sites use low/ cheap price offers to lure people into their trap.

4- Return – Exchange and Shipping Policy: is delivering its products in 6-8 days across the whole world. They do not have free shipping which means you have to pay for your shipping.

According to return and exchange policy:

  1. They do not have refunds on sale items.
  2. If the product has defected or you don’t like the color or size of the product then you have to send them an email with pictures and other proofs that you had bought the product from the Sokokz
  3. The product should be on its original packing and the labels should be intact to the product.
  4. They do not refund any goods if you don’t like them, which means there is no exchange or refund policy they are refusing to exchange or refund.

5- Payment Method: is not providing any Cash on Delivery (COD) to its customers. PayPal is the only payment method from which you can make a transaction.

Mostly scam websites do not give any COD option to the customers because they do not want to reveal their true identity to peoples. Whereas many websites which work genuinely give many payment options (COD, Credit card, Debit card, etc) to its customers so that they can transact as they wish.

6- No Social Media Appearance: has no social media presence. They don’t have any social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc on their official website.

Some other points:

1- NO Cash on Delivery.

2- Fake model images.

3- Uncountable buying options on a single item.

4- 66 days old domain

5- No ‘about us’ page.

6- Copied content from other websites.

Conclusion: is only 66 days old. It is a new website so it is very hard to trust such a website. We have done our research on the Sokokz website and we have come to the conclusion that is a scam site and we recommend you not purchase anything from this website. Also, we have highlighted some important points which will help you to understand more about this website. So, please be aware of such scam sites like and do not fall for their trap.

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