So many problems related to hair? Solution is here

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We all know it’s really difficult to take good care of our hair in this busy lifestyle and especially in this pollution.

I think the hair should have good length, volume and it should be healthy, did you know you can protect your hair just by doing some simple steps.

This article is very special and informative because we will be discussing about how to take care of your hair just by following these simple steps.

Don’t use the product

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We should not use the product on our hair like heat or iron and don’t use the dryer unless it is necessary to use a dryer.

We all love our hair so we should take proper care of our hair and we should do a lot of things to take care of our hair.

Healthy eating

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Health from inside reflects on the hair too. Certain nutrients like iron, protein, and vitamins are essential for hair health and growth

Conditioner the right way

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Conditioner is used to seal the moisture in your hair. Conditioner is only meant for hair not for the scalp so always make sure you are applying the conditioner about 2 inches away from the scalp and also Use same line shampoo and conditioner

Always protect your hair from sun, rain, wind and too much heat and pollution

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Sun, rain, wind and too much heat and pollution are not good for your hair. These all cause damage to your hair. While going out of the house you should always cover your hair with dupatta or scarf.

Don’t do too much oiling

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Too much oiling is not good for our hair because when we use too much oil in our hair then we have to apply more shampoo and due to this our hair becomes dry.

Don’t wash your hair with hot water

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We should not wash our hair with hot water by washing our hair with hot water the root of our head will be shaken due to this our hair will be damaged so don’t use hot water instead of that use cold water. cold water is good for hair. Our blood circulation is good with cold water so use cold water to take bath.

Don’t take the stress

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  • Guys due to stress our hair falls too much so don’t take the stress.
  •  In case your hair falls too much then you can try this simple home remedy:

Chop the onions grind and mix oil in it then apply that on your hair on your scalp properly. Due to this your hair will not fall because onion has antioxidant and in onion, there is sulfur in a lot of quantity

Don’t leave your hair open while sleeping

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We should not sleep with our hair open and also we should never sleep with tight hair because this causes damage to our hair.

Enough sleep

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The most important tip for healthy hair is to sleep well. 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary. You can buy the most expensive product for your hair but all you need is 8 hours of beauty sleep. If you sleep well your hair will look good and healthy and also you will feel great so sleep well.









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