Sleevetime Review: Is Sleevetime Scam or Legit?!

In the last few years, online shopping has become one of the most enjoyable and comfortable options for all of us around the city and even to villages. The attraction towards buying our favourite things online is increasing day by day as we find it more fascinating and a bit cheaper as compared to the offline shops. Online shopping stores give us rid of large queues that we might have to face while buying from offline stores or local vendors. Sometimes the main reason behind this is the unavailability of our desired brand on local vendors.

In today’s world, where online shopping is achieving its highest level, female products are in the list of most desirable and demanding items and this is the reason that there are plenty of women’s online shopping stores available worldwide. is one of those online stores which is trying to avail the chance to be famous and avail the benefits.

In this article, we are providing you with a detailed review of so you can choose to deal with it or not. Read our full article before making any deal with information: is an online shopping store that provides women’s clothing like T-shirts, fancy dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters etc. The website claims to give various options to the buyer to choose from. The users can opt for the desired colour, size and price range. offers to give free shipping of the order above $59.

We do not recommend to our readers to shop online.

The reasons behind it are as follows: 

Is is Trustworthy?

We did some research on website and find some interesting point that we would love to share with our readers so they can decide whether to choose it or not.

Website Interface: Usually, the online shopping websites have an attractive look and ‘home page’ design but on, it doesn’t look like that. The genuine online store prefers to create a trendy and attractive website.

Misleading information:  The ‘about us’ page is the place where the owner shares the whole information of the organization but on, nothing is mentioned that can be helpful for the users. The only thing they mentioned is, what they provide in clothing.

Whois details: All the genuine websites around the globe have their registration information on whois details but we did not get any satisfactory information of This is one of the main points that creates doubts on our head that it can be a scam site.

Check Whois Info <<Here>>

Newly created website: has registered just 46 days ago (as of today), which means this is a newly created website and is very trendy and popular these days. The website which is very new on the internet, can’t be very trustworthy for the user as it can lead them to scam victims.

Contact details unavailability: If you visit website, you would not get any single contact detail of the owner or the organizationWhen we click the ‘contact us’ link, it redirects to the ‘about us’ page. This is one of the main reasons we do not recommend this site. If the users need any inquiry regarding product, delivery, or payments, god knows where they would contact.

Unclear objectives: mentioned on their title and everywhere that it is a women’s shopping store but on their website, they have a men’s clothing section also that they are hiding even in ‘about us’ info. This is a common habit of scammers to mislead people.

Shipping & Return policy: Although, has mentioned their shipping and return policy on their website without giving the contact details it feels just to fill the lines gap on the site. If a user orders anything from the website and doesn’t get the product, there is no one who he/she can contact. This type of website usually sends broken or duplicate products to the buyers to rob their hard-earned money online.

Bulk buying option: All the genuine websites restrict the users to bulk buy but on, the users have the option to buy 100 pieces of a single item. All the online scammers follow this trick to let the user buy uncountable items and loot them by not sending the products.

Fake images of models: Generally, the scam sites copy the models and dress images from other sites and edit them according to their website. is also doing the same thing as all the model’s faces are hidden on the website. If they show the faces of models, they need to pay them and that is what they do not want.

Social media pages: has only the Facebook page of its website which is not very popular, unlike other genuine websites.

Huge discount options: is giving a very high discount offer on all the products which create a doubt to the buyers. On the website, all the products have the same shipping codes showing on the top that seems to be fake.

Payment options: offers only digital payments via credit cards or Paypal. The ‘Cash on delivery’ option is not available on


Dear readers, after making research on, we have cleared all the points that show that this is a website created by online scammers. We recommend you not to shop anything from this website. These types of websites can go down any time after robbing the money online via credit/ debit cards or internet banking.

If you have any queries regarding, you can drop a comment on our comment box below.


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