Beware of!

Scammers are targeting people in a multitude of ways by stealing their valuable information so, they really need awareness regarding scam websites or scam links. Scams are blooming all over the internet so, before trusting in any blooming scams you need to know their reality. If you have landed on the website and you want to know its legitimacy then, read this article which will help you in deciding whether you have to trust this website or not. If you want to save yourself from frauds then, you’re heartily welcomed on this platform.

Beware of!

Here is the reality-check of frauds please Read this post carefully for your safety.

#Shopping scam

People are giving more priority to online shopping and with the excess use of shopping sites; shopping scams are also raising so before selecting any platform for purchasing anything that you need so, & check the shopping platform review carefully.

  • Shopping scammers create a website within less time that seems real but in reality, these sites only offer fraud deals.
  • Fraud websites hide their company profile, contact number, owners’ profile and sell goods at unrealistic prices.
  • Fraud website displays fake information in such manner that the information looks real.
  • Fraud websites also provide inadequate policies.
  • Fraud website also misuses popular brands.
  • Fraud websites do not promote their business on any social platform.

#Dating scam

If you are looking for a partner on any dating platform then you need to be very careful. Do not get too serious about your relationship just by chatting with an unknown person through a dating website.

  • The romance scammer creates a fake profile that seems genuine.
  • If you will try to call the dating scammers they will avoid you by not meeting in real life and they will also not pick your calls.
  • Romance scammers will try to gain your trust faster by their sweet words and fake profile.
  • Scammers want specific transaction methods.
  • Dating scammers ask people for money.
  • Dating scammers keep their true identities secret.
  • Dating scammer breaks promises with meet you in real.
  • Mostly the romance scammers will tell you that they live in another country and they will tell you to pay their expenses.

A dating scam is the most reported scam please beware of it.

#Money scam

In any business you will get paid only when you will add some value to that business similarly someone will pay you when you add value to their business but, the money scammers will offer you money without adding any value to their business.

  • Do not trust such sites that will pay you without performing any work.
  • Visit the money earning website independently or check its review online.
  • Try to contact the customer support team to confirm whether you are connecting to a legit or fraudulent website.

#Bitcoin scam

Bitcoin is not in the control of banks or governments. Bitcoin fraud is rising on top which allows you to give or take an amount.

  • The scammers of bitcoin will not reveal their true identity so whenever you consider any bitcoin website check its details whether the owners’ profile is visible or not.
  • Bitcoin scam website will not reveal their company address and incase they reveal the address that is mostly untraceable.
  • Bitcoin scammers do fake promises that within less period of time your amount will get double.

Bitcoin frauds are expanding so, please beware of bitcoin scams.

#Gaming scam

With the expanding gaming industry, gaming scams are also expanding so it’s really important that users should check gaming websites carefully.

  • Triple check the gaming website URL and visit its owners and company information page to know that business legitimacy. Legit gaming site will always reveal their true profile.
  • Without independently visiting gaming applications or websites do not get fooled by trusting them.

#Phishing scam

In order to steal user’s valuable data phishing, scammers will deliver a link and that will tell them to click the link given.

Phishing scammer sends text or an email that contains some offers and when the users click on the link some viruses update on their system. They fool users by fake emails or text.

Some other scams:

In the preceding article, we discussed many forms of online scams. However, some websites are blocked after just a few days, or their domain expires, or they are no longer accessible. Some of the websites also lead to a different website.

Although, some websites have posted reviews on shutdown websites so that you can identify the legitimacy of the website or know whether it was a shopping site or anything else.


Beware of fraud, with the growing online frauds you might be a victim of fraud it’s better to be safe by not trusting any website or link easily.

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