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Welcome to Reviews, in this article we are providing all useful information related to Moussyy Online Store. is an online store that provides all the necessary stuff (Clothing and other accessories) for men, women, kids/babies, and pets also. 

It also provides home décor items like rugs, cushions, carpets, kitchen, and dining items which are very fancy and grand.

Most of the stuff showed in a site collection is modern and trendy according to people’s choices.

In this era, the number of online shopping platforms is increasing and becoming our stopping place for everything of our needs and whenever we wish to buy.

We do not recommend Online store for online shopping. Please always buy any product from a trusted online store.

Is an Authorized Site?

To know more about the moussyy online Store, we need to clarify some points which will help you to find out that is Legit or Not?

  1. Owner Information/Whois Info:

Is moussyy providing their owner information or not? Because many online scam shopping Stores hide their identity and owner information from the people. In this website, if you want to find their Whois information then please click this link: Whois Information

You are not able to find their company Person/ Owner info on official website. 

  1. Product, Price & Shipping:

Moussyy online store is providing many fancy and impressive products such as women’s clothing; dresses, blouses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, men’s clothes; shirts, t-shirts, trousers, blazers, kids clothing and toys, pets toys, home décor items; wall décor, rugs, and carpets, etc.

These kinds of stores provide such fancy things so that people visit their website more often.

The price range is different, most products are within $5 to $10. 

Moussyy store is providing free shipping worldwide and taking 2-5 days delivery time, which is not possible because some places may cost shipping charges. And they are also assuring to deliver the products again in case the product is lost, which is suspectable because no one wants to risk of loss by sending products to every individual.

You have to be aware of such lucrative offers given by the online stores because such offers are placed only to lure peoples onto their trap.

  1. Discounts:

The products available on the website have a huge amount of discount on them, which is too good to be true. As you can see they are giving huge discounts on every product. Most scam sites use these kinds of lucrative discounts to lure people into their trap.

  1. Payment Method: 

The payment method on the Moussyy store is only by paying online because they don’t have any COD (cash on Delivery) scheme. They can’t risk their identity to people by allowing COD because such scam sites don’t even deliver the product or if deliver, either the product is different from the product shown on the page or it is broken.

Only credit card payment option is available on their website.

They also have no payment page on their website menu.

It’s hard to trust this website.

  1. Contact Info & Address:

Moussyy stores do not provide any authentic information about their website. They don’t even have any contact info, you can only contact them through email which they don’t answer and neglect the complaint of customers in case something went wrong with the product. 

Moussyy store doesn’t even provide an address on the site which is questionable. If you are working on an online platform, it is necessary to provide your information, so people can trust you. 

Many fake online stores don’t give any information about their site not even address or in case the address is provided, it is probably fake. You should always think before you purchase any item from the site that does not disclose information about them.

  1. Non Clickable Payment Icons: 

The payment icons shown on the web page of the Moussyy store are non-clickable. Once you click the icons, you get to know that it does not work i.e.; visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. 

  1. Innumerable buying options: 

Moussyy Store is offering countless buying options for the same product. This raises many doubts in people’s minds about the site as genuine/legit sites do not give more than 5-10 pieces in a single item to purchase.

But on this website, you can buy an unlimited number of a single item.

  1. Social Media Links:

The social media links are shown on the homepage of this site never open and do not redirect to any social media page. These are fake links, which are just posted for gaining the trust of people. 

So it is not easy to know the performance of its products through different links.

  1. About Us:

After inspecting this site we found that referred itself as in its “About Us” page. They are referring themselves as in their whole info in about us. Which raises many doubts in our mind about this site whether it is Legit or not? 

The about us page is Fake and copied from other websites.

  1. Fake Models Images: 

This website is using Fake models images on their all products, they are not showing their model’s faces because the images are copied from other websites.

  1. Domain Details: Domain age is 24 Days (at the time of review). It means it is a very new website which is just created before few days.

So buying any product from this website is too risky, all genuine sites always take time to be popular.

  1. Online Reviews

Positives- Very low prices, high discount offers

Negatives- No refund and return policy, No COD option, Low customer support, etc.

  1. Fake product review: has all the fake reviews on their website. It looks like they have posted all the reviews themselves just to show the genuine buyers. 

Some Other Points: 

  • Very low rating to deliver products.
  • Copied and Fake about us page.
  • Fake Social Media Icons, Not working.
  • Cash on Delivery not available.
  • Fake Model’s Images.
  • Very high Discount Offers.
  • Free Delivery worldwide.
  • No Security measure
  • No limits for purchasing one item.
  • New domain
  • Fake return and exchange policy


In the end, We always recommend you that please be aware of Moussyy Online Store and other similar stores because we have cleared in our points about such stores so you can stay clear and be careful from such stores, do not fall for their luring offers. 

Because “not everything that shines is gold”. We have also cleared the doubts and the transparency/ trustworthiness of this site so you can keep the point in your head and do not get scammed in the future. 

If you are satisfied with our article, please drop a comment in the comment box and let us know about the experience if you ever try anything from this site.  

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  1. Wished I had researched more, 2 months now and nothing. Also around the time the $15 charge cleared another strange charge came through, $95, and was tried twice. I had to ditch that credit card. Never found out more than the charges came from China.

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