Miawig Review: Is Miawig Scam? Read Full Miawig.com Review Here:

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Welcome to Miawig.com Reviews, in this article we are providing all useful information related to the Miawig Online Shopping website. 

Miawig.com is an Online Shopping website that provides different types of hair wigs for women only. 

The wigs are very trendy and look very fashionable according to the women’s choices.

Nowadays, too many online shopping websites are providing these kinds of stuff for the customers, but buyers need to be aware of few online scammers who always create these types of websites only for looting people’s money.

In Short, We do not recommend Miawig.com Online store for online shopping. we always recommend our readers to purchase the product from the trusted or legit site.

Is Miawig.com an Authorized Site?

If you are dealing to buy something from this website then before this you need to know more about this website. 

Is Miawig.com Legit or Not? to know the answer, Please read below points very carefully:

  • Company Person And Identity:

Miawig.com did not provide their company persons or company owner details on their website. They did not mention, who is operating this website or who is the owner of this website?

They are hiding their identity from the customers. 

Miawig.com is also hiding them into whois info. They did not give their identity on whois records. 

To Check Miawig.com Whois Info please Click Here

  • Product, Price & Shipping:

Miawig.com is offering to sell different types of wigs for women. Like Curly wig, Short wig, Long wig, straight wig wava wig, BOB wig, etc.

The products are very attractive and look very trendy, but everything’s which shines, not gold.

Most products are within Range $15 to $20. But few wigs are more than $20.

Miawig.com offering worldwide free shipping policies, but it’s not easy because they have limited products or a limited price range so it’s not easy to deliver the products worldwide.

The processing time is 24 hours and the delivery time is 7 to 14 days after booking order.

And shipping charges are $8.5 to $18.5, as per the products or delivery locations. Their shipping policies end on these 2-3 points.

You have to be aware of such lucrative offers given by the online stores because such offers are placed only to lure peoples onto their trap.

  • Discounts and Offers:

They are offering 60% to 70% discounts on their few products, also offering “any 3 only $45 and any 4 only $55” sale offer on all products.

Discount offers always attract people, and due to these reasons, many people fall into the Scammers trap so please be careful. 

  • Payment Method:

Miawig.com website is not offering Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method; they accept PayPal, credit, and debit cards only.

COD should be available for the customers; it increases the trust between buyers and sellers.

If you didn’t receive your products then you will lose your prepaid money. So always prefer COD for a newly registered website.

  • Contact Info & Address:

The “Contact Us” page is very simple on this website; there is no information to satisfy the customers.

They just left an email address, phone, or Location on this page but this is not real. It looks like this is copied or pasted from other websites.

Good and trusted sites always provide satisfying information on their contact us pages. 

The address, provided by this website may be fake because most of the online scam sites use a fake address, phone, or Email.


  • No Payment Page: 

They have no payment policy page on this website. They are hiding their payment policies.

  • Unlimited Quantity to Buy: 

On this website, any user can purchase an unlimited quantity of single products while it’s not easy.

A fixed number of limits is always necessary for buyers. 

A trusted site does not allow unlimited buying options for single items; there are too many reasons behind it.

But here, on this website, you are free to buy an unlimited quantity of a product. Read and research before buying any product from this website.

  • Social Media Pages:

All online marketer’s backbone is Social media; social media is a hub of promoting and advertising of the products. 

But Miawig.com have no Social media pages, they are not in Social media. They are selling products but not on social media, they have no Facebook, Instagram pages.

  • “About Us” Page:

The “About Us” page of this website looks like copied from other websites; they did not mention any identity or company information on this page.

They are only promoting their website on this page, while this page should be a deep description of their business. 

An “About Us” page always built trust between Company and buyers if the page has provided truth information of any business.

  • Website Design:

The design of this website is very simple, the theme is not premium, it looks like just a free theme.

  • Domain Details:

Miawig.com Website is not too old, It just 64 days old website. the domain age of Miawig.com is 64 days (the time of review), which means it is a very new website and working online for a few days.

Once they will complete their task, they will run away with people’s money.

  • Online Reviews

Positives– Low-Cost Products, Very Trendy products, Free Shipping worldwide

Negatives– very low refund and return policy, Cash on Delivery no available, Low customer support, very Cheap Contact us, About Us pages.

  • Fake product Details/Descriptions:

Miawig.com providing fake products details and descriptions, they are using similar product details and description for their all website products, you can check this information by clicking two different products.

They are fake that’s why they are not doing too many efforts to write proper product details or descriptions.

Some Other Points: 

  • Slow Deliver or fake free shipping worldwide.
  • Copied and Fake Product description.
  • Not present in Social media While an E-commerce Website.
  • No COD Available.
  • Low Online Ratings.
  • Discount offers.
  • Very Fast delivery out of the country.
  • No Security measure
  • No Limits to buy Single items.
  • 64 Days old Domain
  • Fake return and exchange policy


We are not recommending you to buy any product from this website; this is not a good website for online Shopping. COD not available, fake product details, Very new Website, etc. 

These security measures are not available on this website so it will good for you if you will make a distance from this website.

For any question or query please drop a comment in our comment box. We will be available for your reply. 


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