Mengmansy Review: Is Legit or Scam? Read Full Review Below:

Welcome to Reviews, all the valuable information related to Mengmansy Store is included in this article. is an online shopping website that provides all the necessary stuff like (women and kid’s clothing, toys, shoes, bags, jewelry, home décor, home supplies, etc).

It claims to have various sizes, colors, and prices for all trendy and fashionable stuff.

Most of the stuff displayed in website collection is new and trendy according to people’s choices.

The number of online shopping platforms is increasing in this era, day after day, and becoming our stopping place for everything we need and whenever we wish to buy.

After doing deep research about we will update to our readers soon. We recommend you to buy any product from any website after a full research.


Is a trustworthy Site?

To know more about the Mengmansy online Store, we need to clear some points about which will help you to find out whether Mengmansy is Legit or Not?

1. Owner/Company and WHOIS Info:

They don’t provide any valid information about the company and the ownership Mengmansy on WHOIS data.

Many online shopping scams Stores conceal information from the customers about their company/owner’s identity. And hiding information from its customers is not good for any seller.

To know about the WHOIS info of please visit here: WHOIS Information

On the official website of Mengmansy, you are also unable to find any information about the company and its owner.

2. Product, Price & Shipping:

Mengmansy online store is providing many fancy and impressive products such as clothing for women and kids, t-shirts, joggers, shoes, jewelry, home décor, kitchen and garden supplies, sports items, and other stuff.

These kinds of stores have such fancy stuff so that people visit their website more often.

The Products are available in different price ranges, most are within $1 to $20.

Mengmansy store is shipping its products worldwide and taking 5-7 days delivery time.

They are giving free shipping over $40. It is mentioned on the top of the website. It’s not an easy task to deliver free shipping worldwide while they don’t have any big brand and popularity. And some places might have shipping charges.

Therefore, always be aware of such lucrative offers offered by the online stores as the offers are placed only to lure peoples onto their trap.

3. Discounts:

Mengmansy store does not offer any kind of discount on its products because the price of the product itself is very cheap comparing to other site products.

4. Payment Method:

Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available for making payment on this website, only debit/credit card is allowed. Consumers still have a question which is why there is no COD?

A trustworthy website always provides a COD payment method, but a low trustworthy site always uses this kind of payment method to steal people’s money.

They can’t risk their identity to people by allowing COD because many scam sites don’t even deliver the product or if deliver, then the product will be different from the product shown on the website.

5. Contact Info & Address:

Mengmansy did not provide any kind of contact info on their contact us page, you cannot call them as they did not provide customers with any contact number.

The address on their website is missing too.

If you are working on an online platform, then your information must be provided, so people can trust you.

Be alert whenever you wish to buy online and check their customer support, Phone, and e-mails whether they are real or fake.

6. Innumerable buying options:

Mengmansy Online shopping store offers unlimited buying offers for a single item. Legit sites never allow more than 5 to 10 pieces in a single order.

It’s mean you can buy unlimited quantity on a single item.

7. Social Media Links:

They are providing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube links on their website which are working, clickable, and attain social media pages after a click.

8. About Us:

On their, About Us page, the Mengmansy Online Shopping store did not mention too much. The page is so plain and has insufficient information to know about the company.

They did not provide any other information like contact, e-mail, and address on their other pages as well.

9. Fake Models Images:

Mengmansy displays images of Fake Models on their website because not all images have full faces. By not displaying their model’s faces because the photos may be stolen from other websites.

10. Domain Details: has only 16 Days old domain (today, at the time of review). Which is not too old, it’s a new website that is becoming too popular on the internet in a few days.

Be careful if you are trying to purchase any product from any site please read some reviews beforehand.

11. Return and Exchange Policy:

Mengmansy is offering 14 Days returns policy on their website “Return and Exchange page”, but you need to provide your phone number with an image of your product issues.

And they are charging return charges on their product in case you are going to return the product you purchase.

They do not mention anything about exchanging the product on their page because they have no exchange policy. They are refusing for exchange.

Some Other Points:

  • Very low Delivery/No delivery.
  • Low Quality About Us Page.
  • COD not Available
  • Theft Model’s Images.
  • Worldwide Free Delivery.
  • Very Low Security measure.
  • Unlimited Quantity Buying for 1 item.
  • 16 Days old domain.
  • No Exchange policy.

CONCLUSION:- website is just 16 days old so it’s hard to trust them, if you are planning to buy something from this website then don’t.

We recommend you stay clear from this site because we have done our research and we conclude that this site is fake; so do not fall into their trap.

Always be aware of such scam sites.


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