Luvrosy Review[May 2020]: Is Scam? Read Full Review Below:

Welcome to Reviews, in this article we are providing all useful information related to Luvrosy Store. is an online shopping website that provides all the necessary stuff (Mostly Clothing stuff, swimming costumes, shoes, and other accessories) for women.

It claims to provide all the trendy and fashion stuff for especially women with different sizes, colors, and prices.

Most of the stuff showed in a site collection is modern and trendy according to people’s choices.

In this era, the number of online shopping platforms is increasing day by day and becoming our stopping place for everything of our needs and whenever we wish to buy.

We do not claim if website is fake or legit yet, after making a deep research we will update to our readers about this soon. We recommend you to buy any product from any website after a full research.  

Is a trustworthy Site?

To know more about the Luvrosy online Store, we need to clarify some points which will help you to find out that is Legit or Not?

  1. Owner/Company and Whois Info:

On WHOIS info, they do not provide any information about the company and the ownership. Many online shopping scams Stores hide their identity and owner information from the people. And hiding information is not good for any vender. 

To know about the WHOIS info of please visit here: Whois Info

You are not also able to find their company Person/ Owner info on official website.  

  1. Product, Price & Shipping:

Luvrosy online store is providing many fancy and impressive products of women’s such clothing; dresses, blouses, T-Shirts, Camisoles, Tie-Dye, Stripped, Lip, shoes, jumpsuits, swimsuits, Rompers, trousers, jeans, skirts, pants, Skirts, Denim Style, etc.

These kinds of stores provide such fancy things so that people visit their website more often.

The Products are available in different price ranges, most are within $5 to $100. 

Luvrosy store shipping their products worldwide and taking 5-10 (8-15) days of delivery time.

Under the $58 Orders, they are charging $10 off shipping charges. Their shipping charges are different if someone wants fast delivery.

Delivering products worldwide in $10 is not an easy task, while they have no big brand and popularity.

Always be aware of such lucrative offers given by the online stores because the offers are placed only to lure peoples onto their trap.

  1. Discounts:

Luvrosy providing 35 to 40% discounts on their products, the discount is not for all products but available in few categories. This is the reasons, many people fall into the trap of online scammers. 

Some other offers are available on this website which are fixed and similar coupon codes for all categories. This offer is mentioned at the top of this website in all items. See the image below:

  1. Payment Method:

Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available on this website for making payment. They are offering only the PayPal payment method; here a question always arrives in the buyer’s mind which is why COD is not available?

A trustworthy website always provides a COD payment method, but a low trustworthy site always uses this type of payment method to theft people money.

They can’t risk their identity to people by allowing COD because all scam sites don’t even deliver the product or if deliver, either the product is different from the product shown on the page or it is broken.

  1. Contact Info & Address:

Luvrosy did not provide their contact info on their contact us page, you can not call them because they did not provide any contact number for the customers.

The address is also missing on their website and the address which is provided by them belongs from china. 

They just mention an e-mail address for customer support which is not enough to trust them.

If your product does not arrive and you send a mail to them then it’s not necessary they will reply to you, and then you have no other option to reach them. You will lose your money.  

If you are working on an online platform, it is necessary to provide your information, so people can trust you. 

Whenever you wish to buy online always be alert, please, and check their customer support, Phone and e-mails are real or fake.

  1. Non Clickable Payment Icons: 

The payment icons shown on the bottom pages of the Luvrosy website are non-clickable. Once you click the icons, you get to know that it does not work. 

  1. Innumerable buying options: 

Luvrosy Online Shopping store allows unlimited buying offers for a single item. This sounds crazy, legit sites never allow more than 5 to 10 pieces in a single order.

It’s mean you can buy an unlimited quantity of single items.

  1. Social Media Links:

They are providing Facebook And Instagram pages on their website which are working, clickable, and attain social media pages after the click.

  1. About Us:

The Company did not mention too much on their About Us page. The About Us page is simple and not enough information to know about them.

They provide their phone, email, and address on their about us page but this is real or fake we should know before buying.

They did not provide this information into their contact us page, because people always search phone number in contact details.

  1. Fake Models Images:

Luvrosy is showing Fake models images on their website; all images are not full faces. Not showing their model’s faces because the images may be copied from other websites.

  1. Domain Details: is only 140 Days old domain (today, at the time of review). This is not too old, it’s is a new website and getting too much popularity on the internet.

So please if you are trying to buy any product, be careful and read some reviews before.

  1. Online Reviews:

Positives– Low Prices, Buy 3 get 1 Offer, many discount offers

Negatives– Low Refund Policy, Cash on delivery not available, very Low customer support, etc.

  1. Fake product review: is providing many fake reviews on their website products. It looks like they have posted all the reviews themselves just to show the genuine buyers. And all users are giving 5 stars rating and providing only good reviews about it.

  1. Online Rating:

Trust Pilot: 1.5 in 38 Reviews

Scam Doc: 2%

  1. Return And Exchange Policy:

Luvrosy offering 30 Days returns policy on their website “Return and Exchange page”, but you need to provide your phone number with an image of your product issues. 

According to them, they will mail you within 24 hours. 

They have no exchange policy. They are refusing for exchange.

Some Other Points: 

  • Very low Delivery/No delivery.
  • Low Quality About Us Page.
  • COD not Available
  • Theft Model’s Images.
  • Discount Offers.
  • Worldwide Free Delivery.
  • Very Low-Security measure
  • Unlimited Quantity Buying for 1 item.
  • 140 Days old domain
  • No Exchange policy

END NOTE:- website is just 140 days old so it’s hard to trust them, if you are planning to buy something from this website please read some good reviews about this website. The contact details are missing, No Exchange Policy, Fake Model Images, COD Not available, etc. 

These all points create some doubts, so please be aware always. 

If you are satisfied with our article, please drop a comment in the comment box and let us know about the experience if you ever try anything from this site.  


9 thoughts on “Luvrosy Review[May 2020]: Is Scam? Read Full Review Below:”

  1. Thank u for this information.! It verifies my experience with I paid money but never got my order. It turned into a big disappointment because I tried email, but never got through.

    1. Wish I had read this article before I ordered. The shirt I received is 5 inches smaller than what their size chart measurements gave. Mary and customer service admitted that their supplier must not have had the correct measurements and offered me a 10% refund. Sarah and customer service then deny that the item was not as described and offered me to shop their store for another item which I have no faith will be the correct size either. The return shipping should be paid by them since the item is not described. I’ve been emailing back-and-forth for Over four weeks trying to get a return shipping label and they just want to send it. I love in there about me section on their website page it says that each item is handpicked. Il

  2. Luvrosy products suck.. . absolutely NOT boutique material or fabric. They look super cute in the pics. They look terrible when you pull them out of the bag! The sizes are not true to USA standards. They are more like 5’0 asian women’s bodies… I’m so mad I didn’t research more before ordering.

    1. I tried to research, but there was nothing to find! Luvrosy ads are no longer popping up in my facebook feed, but other similar types of things are. Never again!

  3. Natalie Armbruster

    I have been trying to contact just for a simple return address and a full refund. No one calls me back, and your support email address is a joke. They do not respond. I spent over $150 and your product is too small and smells like mold. I am asking for a return address and Full REFUND. If you do not want your product back, fine. I want my money back immediately!

  4. My purchase did come after a long wait and me complaining that the package sat in their shipping area for a week. The items were shoddy material. Workmanship was awful. Sizes were way too small. There is Chinese writing on the packages, so if you want to return something, you can’t tell which package to put something back into. Currently, their customer service email is full, so you can’t even contact them.
    I have 2 items to return, but I’m realizing I’ll probably eat the cost of the items. Lesson learned.

  5. I ordered $171 worth and have not received. No way to contact them as email not working. I have reported this to e-commerce and BBB. BEWARE!

  6. Complete scam! The items I received resemble the clothing on the website but not at all as quality as they are advertising. Took a month to receive my items. My email was kicked back and the links for help from email confirmation are not live links!

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