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Welcome to Reviews, in this article we are providing all the valid information linked to Interestingsoul Store. is an online shopping website that claims to provide all the basic stuff, mostly clothing stuff; dresses, trousers, pants, t-shirts, shoes, and other accessories for women.

It claims to provide all the modern and fashionable stuff especially for women with different sizes, colors, and prices.

The items showed on the website are mostly modern and trendy according to people’s choices.

The number of online shopping platforms is increasing in this generation day by day and becoming our stopping place for everything that we need and whenever we wish to buy.

We do not claim if website is fake or legit yet, after doing some research we will update to our readers about this soon. But we always recommend you to buy any product from any website after doing a full background search.

Is a Trustworthy Site?

To learn more about the Interestingsoul online Store, we need to explain some points that will help you to figure out that is Legit or Not?

1. Owner/Company and WHOIS Info:

They don’t have any details about the company and the property on WHOIS info.

Many online shopping scams Stores conceal information from their customers about their company and owner information. And hiding information from its customers is not good for any vender.

To know about the WHOIS info of please visit here: WHOIS Information

You cannot even find their company Person/ Owner detail on official website.

2. Product, Price & Shipping:

Interestingsoul online store is providing many fancy and impressive products of women’s clothing; dresses, blouses, T-Shirts, shoes, jumpsuits, swimsuits, Rompers, trousers, jeans, pants, Skirts, Denim Style, etc.

These kinds of stores provide such fancy stuff so that people are more likely to visit their website.

The Products are available in different price ranges, most are within $20 to $30.

Interestingsoul store ships its products worldwide and takes a delivery time of 3-7 days.

They are offering free delivery on orders over $80.

Delivering products worldwide free is not an easy task, while they have no big brand and popularity. Even genuine sites also apply delivery charges.

Also, be aware of these enticing deals from online retailers as the deals are put only to tempt people into their trap.

3. Discounts:

Interestingsoul provides 50-60% discounts on its products; discounts are available on all the products. That’s why many people fall into the trap of online scammers.

They have also started a sale promising 75% off on every item on their website.

Some other offers are available on this website are fixed and have similar coupon codes for all the categories. This offer is mentioned at the top of this website in all items.

4. Payment Method:

Cash on Delivery (COD) is not eligible for purchase on this website. They offer only a PayPal payment method; here always comes a question in the mind of buyers which is why COD is not available?

A trustworthy website always offers a COD payment method, but a low trustworthy site always uses this kind of payment method to steal money from people.

By allowing COD they can’t risk their identity to people because all scam sites don’t even deliver the product to its customers; if they do deliver then the product will either different or might be broken.

5. Contact Info & Address:

Interestingsoul did not have their contact detail on their contact us page, you can’t even call them because they do not provide any contact number to its customers.

They don’t even bother fixing the spelling of “Contect” on their website’s Contact us page.

They only mention an e-mail address that isn’t enough to trust them.

If you are working on an online platform then the details must be provided so people can trust you.

Whenever you wish to buy online always be alert and check their customer support, Phone and e-mails are real or fake.

6. Non Clickable Payment Icons:

The payment icons shown on the bottom pages of the Interestingsoul website are non-clickable. Once you click the icons, you get to know that it does not work.

7. Innumerable buying options:

Interestingsoul Online Shopping shop offers an unlimited purchase offer for a single item. It means you can purchase unlimited quantities for a single item. That’s crazy because legit sites never allow more than 2 or 3 pieces for a single item.

8. Social Media Links:

Interestingsoul provides a Facebook link on their website that works, is clickable, and attain to social media pages after clicking.

9. About Us:

On their, About Us page, the company did not mention anything. The About Us page is simple and boring with insufficient information to know about Interestingsoul.

Websites who work genuinely provide every single information about their company on their About Us page but scam sites like Interestingsoul do not waste their money on their sites.

10. Fake Models Images:

Interestingsoul shows images of fake models on its website because all the images are not full-faced. Interestingsoul did not display the faces of their models because the photos are copied from other websites.

11. Domain Details: is just 195 Days old domain (today, at the time of review). This isn’t too old, it’s is a new website that is now becoming too popular on the internet for a few days.

So please be careful if you are trying to buy any product and read their reviews beforehand.

12. Online Reviews:

Positives– Low Prices, Buy 2 or 4 items get 5 to 10% off.

Negatives– Low Refund Policy, Cash on delivery is not available, very Low customer support, etc.

13. Return And Exchange Policy:

Interestingsoul offering 30 Days returns policy on their website “Return and Exchange page” on their website but you must provide an image of your product issue with your phone number and other compulsory detail.

If you want to return the product you purchase then you have to pay for the return shipping. And they don’t even take the responsibility for the product in case it is not delivered.

And if the order is placed it will not be canceled. They don’t have any exchange policy. They are refusing for exchange.

Some Other Points:

  • Very low Delivery/No delivery.
  • Low Quality “About Us” Page.
  • COD not Available
  • Theft Model’s Images.
  • High Discount Offers.
  • Worldwide Free Delivery.
  • Very Low Security measure.
  • Unlimited Quantity Buying for 1 item.
  • 195 Days old domain.
  • No Exchange policy.

END NOTE:- website is only 195 days old so it’s hard to trust them, if you are planning on buying something from this website please read some reviews about this website.

There are no contact details, No Exchange Policy, Fake Model Images, and COD is not available, etc.

These all points create some doubts, so please be aware always.


Please drop a comment in the comment box if you are satisfied with our article, and let us know about the experience if you ever try anything from this website.


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