review: Is buying from Funnshine worthwhile?

If you are searching for some details about the Funnshine website, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you all the relevant and true information about whether or not it is an approved website.

What is is an online retail store that promises to provide all the trendy and fashionable clothing pieces in a different size, colors, and prices, particularly for women.

Below we are discussing a few things that will help you to find out about whether it’s a real site or not.

1- Owner Information: has no information about its owner on the homepage of their official website. Even the WHOIS records do not have any information on their data regarding this website.

Mostly scam sites conceal their identity from their clients but legitimate sites never conceal any kind of information about them from their clients.

2- Contact Information: does not provide any contact detail on its official website page. If something goes wrong with the product or someone wants to refund, you cannot contact them. They only provide their customers with an email id which is not enough to trust them and we don’t even know if they are going to respond to our emails or not.

3- Address Information: gives information about their office address neither on their official website nor on WHOIS records.

4- About Us:

There are no details about the company’s work is listed on Funnshine official About us page. The majority of the information that Funnshine offers is not adequate to satisfy the customer’s queries. Even the content is looking copied from other websites.

So whenever you want to buy online always be alert. Check their customer services, contact information, company’s information, and reviews, their ratings whether they are real or fake.

5- Product and Prices:

The items offered by are fashionable, magnificent, and trendy.

The products mainly include; clothing stuffs like Dresses, Trousers, Beachwear, Tanks and t-shirts, Shorts, Jumpsuits, Pullovers, Slippers, Shoes, Heels, and accessories which are especially for women’s.

The price tags on the products are very cheap according to the prices of products sold by other websites.

6- Huge Discount: is giving a huge amount of discount on its products. It is giving 30%- 49% off on all of its products.

It is also offering a huge amount of discount in its new products which says (buy 1 get 15% off on 2nd), (buy 2 and get 20% off on the 3rd), (buy 3 and get 40% off on the 4th), (buy 4 and get 50% off on the 5th) item which is insane because the products already have such cheap prices.

This scheme is mostly used by scammers to lure people into their trap because they know that women love to shop and giving such discounts and cheap prices on the products will surely attract them to visit and invest in their site.

7- Payment Method: is not allowing Cash on Delivery (COD) for the products. Clients are only allowed to pay by using PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc but when you will click on the other payment option other than PayPal you will come to know that the links are unclickable, they are only placed there to fool people.

8- Shipping Arrangement: is giving free shipping on the products over $49. They are promising to deliver products in 3-7 days worldwide for free. It is not an easy task to provide free shipping across the world because every country has its charges and delivering the products for free may cost Funnshine a great loss and no company will take such a loss because every company’s motive is to earn the profit. Then the question that arises is why is providing free delivery? What is their motive behind this?

9- Return, Exchange, and Refund Policy:

According to refund and return policy:

  1. They are providing 30 days no hassle policy to its customers. The company is allowing exchange after the details of the product and some personal information is submitted by the customers.
  2. The company agrees to receive the product in return only if the product is unused and packaged in its original packing/form. Which is not possible because how can a product be tried without the packaging being taken off?
  3. The products that are packed or already shipped cannot be canceled.
  4. Customers will be liable to pay for their shipping costs for returning their items.

They still don’t confirm having the product refunded or exchanged anywhere on their site. They only said that they will email us but we cannot be sure if they are going to reply or not? And you will probably lose your hard-earned money.


In the above article, we have highlighted some important points for you to understand that is not a safe site to invest in. is only 42 days old website that is getting popular by its fancy and trendy clothing which is attracting people to visit the site more and more. But have you ever thought that how is it possible for a new website to get this popular in a few days?

There are many faults in this website like; they don’t provide COD, no social media presence, no return and exchange policy, Fake model images, uncountable buying options which mean you can buy as much as you want in a single item, free delivery, and poor theme and copied content from another website.

So, we do not recommend the website for purchasing. That’s why we always recommend you to buy anything from such companies who have good customer reviews and who have a good reputation on the market like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

If you are content with our article or you have any queries or doubts about then feel free to contact us or drop a comment on our comment box.

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  1. Scam website using other peoples designs. The print quality is very bad and the clothing looks nothing like the photos. No contact telephone number or address. They don’t give a returns address either. Don’t waste your money

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