What is Folcin? Is Folcin.com Safe?

Web shopping frauds are rising day by day and scammers are getting more skilled in these frauds. If you don’t want to be a victim of these web shopping frauds it is really critical for you to recognize fraud shopping sites. Here are some ways which you should follow while shopping from Folcin.com or from any other online shopping website for healthier- shopping.

What is Folcin? Is Folcin.com Safe?

Fraud websites work in enormous ways to scam their customers like misleading information and also offering massive discounts but to recognize fraud websites here are some tips which we are sharing on this content. Follow the below-mentioned tips to check out whether an online shopping site is legit or not.

Many fraud web shopping sites don’t use its official website name instead of this they use the domain name that refers to a branded product name or the reference of other well-known shopping website names. Most of the fraud websites domain name ends with .net or. Org extension.

Check out the domain registrar to know the domain name and other information related to the domain of the shopping website. There are some websites such as whois.com and whois.net where you can check the domain name. You can easily get the domain information on any shopping sites without any charges.

Check the contact information section of the web- store. Take a glance at what contact details are given by the website and also check that are they providing you their email address and company address.

Many fraud webs- stores do not disclose their contact number and also their official address but this does not mean that the web- stores that are disclosing their official address and contact number are real.

Many fraud websites provide email addresses and by seeing the email address the buyers think that the website is a genuine website but you should know that they may or may not be genuine so, before buying anything first try to contact that website.

If any online shopping store is asking you to pay your product charges by direct- bank transfer, then you need to be very careful. If you do the online transactions with a debit or credit card and later on you found that the transaction is a scam then, in that case, you will not get your money back.

Visit the about us section of the website and read it carefully. Have a look at the phrases and the grammatical mistakes in this section, also watch out for the company and owner detail of the website in this section.

Authentic and legit companies will always disclose their true identity. If the real identity of the website is hidden then it symbolizes that the website is highly suspicious

Scam websites provide low prices products with exclusive discounts to lure their buyers. An exclusive discount on every product is a trap that is spread by the scammers to lure their customers.

Scam websites offer exclusive discounts to grab your attention because if they will not offer exclusive discounts then who will visit their websites.

When a website is offering online products then they should list their shipping and also the return policy.

If the website is not real then they don’t have their product return policy but, if it is a genuine website then they should mention their clear return policy like how, when, and where you have to return your defective or faulty product.

Real websites also mention their privacy policy, terms, and conditions that keep you updated that what they do with the details you share so check the return policy of a website.

When you will visit any website check that it is using a secure connection or not. To check that you have logged into a website secure connection, watch out for its URL, company name of the website, and also the lock symbol that symbolizes that you have visited into a secure connection of a website but nowadays this secure connection is openly available to all so this detail is not sufficient to know the legitimacy of the website thus, also check out other ways to know about the website legitimacy.

Most of the websites focus on the design of their website and also spends a lot of time for perfecting the website design but most websites that are scam have designed their website roughly so you have to make sure to check the design of the website.

You must check the social channels to know what others are posting about the website on social platforms.

For recent posts or activities of the website check the social media pages of that website. Scam web-stores do not provide their social pages and in case if they provide the social pages they will bounce you back to the recently opened page of the website or take you to another website page so. You should check out the social channels of the website.

Browse the website to know what others are saying about the website on the internet. If you didn’t found any negative reviews about the website then don’t simply assume that it is the best website as the scam web- store could be newly launched apart from this also consider some other factors to make sure that the website is not a scam.

To be on top in the search engine all websites should have unique and genuine content that is not available on any other website but most of the scam websites use copied contents as well as copied or fake images.

Go through the online review of the website. Check not only one but several reviews of the website. You can also check out the online reviews through many other sources like Feefo, Trust Pilot, and many others such sources [these sources aggregates customers’ feedback].

We want people to be aware of fraud websites so we mentioned above some ways which will help them to recognize fraud websites. We have provided you all this information by doing a lot of research but then also if you have any doubt then you can cross-check them.

We give you surety that if you will read our content then you all will not get scammed by fraud websites. To aware people of scam web-stores, we have also written a lot of content on scam web-stores which you can read by visiting our Market Reviews category.

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