Expressedbee Reviews: Is an Authentic website?

Hello friends, welcome to our reviews. In this article, we are presenting some important points about Expressedbee whether it is legit or a scam site?

What is is an online shopping store for women that claims to provide all the trendy and fashionable clothing like; tops, Dresses, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc.

Although there is not much information about Expressedbee on their official site we have made every effort to find out the details for our readers, so read our article for a full review on whether it is a safe site to shop or not?

Owners and Company Info: does not provide any information about its owner on its official website page nor do they have any info regarding their company.

Even the WHOIS record does not have any kind of data about

Mostly scam sites hide information about their company and owner.

Contact and Address Info:

There is no contact number of the company or the owner is available on the official page of the website. If someone is facing a problem or having a query about their product or they need a refund then who/where are they going to contact?

They don’t even bother to provide any kind of address/location of their company. They do not have an email id.

About Us:

There is no “About Us” page on official site. It is the biggest failure of the website because it is important for a website to provide basic information about them so that they can build trust among their customers.

Product and Prices:

All the products shown in Expressedbee are trendy and fashionable. They are providing very few varieties of products which are also very cheap in price.

The product mainly includes dresses, tops, and t-shirts for girls and women.

They are also providing sale on its exclusive summer clothing. They have a whole separate collection based on summer clothing on their website in which they are giving heavy sales on their every product.

Payment Process: does not allow Cash on Delivery (COD). Customers are only allowed to pay through credit/debit cards.

There are several other payment options given on the website like; Visa, JCB, MasterCard, Apple Pay, American Express, etc, but once you click them you will come to know that the options are un-clickable which means you are not able to click any of them.

Return and Refund Policy: is providing 30 days return policy to its customers. They are also promising to refund for the items if they are damaged or the quality is not good but they have also mentioned some conditions in their return and refund policy that is:

1- The product must be in its original packaging, which is not possible.

2- Items should be returned before 30 days.

3- If the item is not damaged or defective then it may not be return or exchange but what if the item is unfit or not of your size?

4- Expressedbee did not mention anything about the cancellation process which means they do not have a cancellation policy.

5- They do not have any refund policy also because they have clearly said that if the product is not in its original packaging then the refund must be partial.

6- Some of the products are non-refundable and you can’t cancel your order once it is placed.

7- You have to pay for return shipping.

Shipping Arrangement: is providing free shipping all over the world on orders of more than $35. It is not easy to provide free delivery across the world because many countries have delivery charges. So the question that arises is why they are providing free delivery which can cause them a big loss because everyone wants to earn profit, not loss.

Pros of

  • Trending and fashionable products.
  • 30 days return policy.
  • Free shipping over $35.
  • Sale on summer clothing and heavy discount offer.
  • Low price tags.

Cons of

  • No address and contact information available.
  • No COD available.
  • Owners and Company information is available.
  • Newly created website.
  • No social media appearance.
  • No WHOIS data.
  • Non-clickable payment options.


After doing some deep research and clarifying some important points we have come to the conclusion that Expressedbee is not a safe site to shop. We do not recommend because it has so many loopholes. There are many points that create doubts about website reliability. That’s why we suggest you buy anything after doing some research and after reading some reviews about the website.

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