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About Bluestarstore:

Bluestarstore is an online jewelry selling store that provides jewelry and other accessories for both men and women. It is a newly created website that claims to sell trendy jewelry and other type of accessories at very cheap prices. It has various categories for every occasion.

Is Bluestarstore a safe site?

If you want to know more about Bluestarstore, we are clarifying some essential points that will help you to figure out whether is a secure website or not?

1- Owner/Company and WHOIS Info:

Almost every scam site will never disclose its ownership information with its customers. If anyone does shares the details that are most likely fake.

Also on WHOIS records their information is hidden. This means they are not ready to disclose their identity.

Bluestarstore is a web platform for e-commerce. So sharing information about its owner and the company is their responsibility.

Even on the official page of the Bluestarstore website, you will be unable to find the company and owner information.

2- Product, Price, and Shipping:

As you all know that Bluestarstore is an online jewelry and accessories selling store which is selling various kinds of fancy pieces of jewelry for both men and women at a very cheap price. It has various categories in every product and they are offering; necklace (charm, chain, and pendant), bracelets (cuffs, bangles, and chain bracelets), earrings (hoop, studs, and drop earrings), rings even gemstones and the products made from gemstones.

It is also selling semi-precious products and gold made products at a very low price which is unbelievable because gold made products and other jewels are not cheap they can cost a fortune.

The products are available on various price ranges starting from $60-$75. The price range on Bluestarstore is lower than average.

Bluestarstore is shipping its products worldwide for $4.99 and the product will be delivered in 6-9 days.

Always be aware of these kinds of lucrative deals from online selling stores like Bluestarstore because the deals are put on their trap just to attract the customers.

3- About Us:

You cannot find the About Us page on It is the biggest failure for the website to not have any About us page on their website because the page holds important information about the website; about the website, how does it works, and other essential information that helps to build trust among the customers. But Bluestarstore fails to do so which means the website is not compassionate about their work.

4- Address and Contact Info: has provided their contact info and address info on their official website page. They even mentioned their email id so that people can send an email in case they want some help. But you could not be so sure whether the contact and address they have provided are true or not? Because mostly scam sites provide fake contact number and address on their website page.

5- No Social Media Presence:

There are no social media links on the official page of They don’t provide any social media links like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc on their page. Many other websites which are working on an online platform give social media links on their website to spread their business through social sites but scam sites do not provide any link because they don’t want to work for that long they just want to scam people that’s why they don’t even waste their money on making their website to make it look legit/good.

6- Payment Method: does not provide Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment method. They are offering only PayPal as a payment transaction.

Not giving COD as a payment option raises many questions on customer’s minds.

Genuine sites always provide COD as a payment option and it helps people to trust them but scam sites do not provide this method so that they can theft people’s money. By allowing COD they do not want to risk their true identity to people in case something goes wrong.

7- Return and Refund Policy: has a return and exchange policy of 30 days. But some conditions must be completed by customers before the return and exchange process:

1) Returns are only accepted less than 30 days after that the product is non-returnable.

2) Products should be in its original packaging and all then tags should be attached to them otherwise they are non-returnable and will not be exchanged.

3) The customer will be responsible for the return shipping charge.

Bluestarstore has no exchange policy, they are refusing to exchange. Even the content is looking copied, once you read their return and exchange page you will know that they have copied the content from other websites.


After doing our research on the website we have come to a point that it is not a safe site to use, it is a very new found website and it is not popular also. That’s why we do “Not Recommend” this site for shopping purposes. These kinds of websites always have alluring offers to lure people to visiting and investing in their site. We always suggest you buy something after doing some research on the website.

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