review: Is Afotics a trustworthy website?

In today’s globe shopping is one of the most fascinating things to do be it men or women all of us love to do shopping. Mainly women are more interested in buying cloth and accessories and nowadays in the growing internet world everyone lookup for online shopping so they checkout many online shopping sites but did you that most of the sites are scam so before buying checkout the entire detail about the site. If you are looking up to purchase from We suggest you to please first lookup these points which we have mentioned in this article so that you can decide whether it is worthwhile to purchase from or not.

What is

Afotics is an online fashion store for women that provides stunning products for women like denim coats, faux fur coats, wedding accessories, etc at manageable prices.

Product and prices:

Customers can buy stylish and stunning products like denim coat lady loose fit casual style at $43.68, denim jacket short jeans at $32.77, embroidery three-dimensional flowers pearl at $48.99, button coat fluffy tail tops at $28.99, elegant faux fur coat at $32.99, fingerless bridal gloves at $10.13, bride retro black crystal crown at $37.19, etc.

please read these certain points before purchasing from

Product Description:

they have copied the same description for each product.

Return policy:

  • Returning of any product is free of cost.
  •  If you find any defect or receive a damaged product you can return them but the condition is that all the products returned by the customer should be in its original condition or original package.

Payment process:

Instead of cash on delivery, this website is providing you PayPal payment method .the customers can only pay through PayPal. They have not shown the payment method icon on their home page instead of that they have only mentioned this in written on their payment method section.


This website does not provide worldwide shipping to their customers.

About us:

we request all the clients before buying a product from any website please go through the about us page of the website because this is the only page of the website which provides you all the useful details like about their website product, company and owner information, the creation date of their website, etc but this website haven’t provide any of these details which arise question to our mind that why they are hiding useful detail about their website?.

Social appearance:

this website hasn’t mentioned any social links .several scam sites do this type of deeds for not getting popularity on social platforms because they are afraid of being caught so they do not provide any social links on their website or in case they provide social links on their website they are not clickable.

Contact info:

several scam sites provide the inaccurate information about their websites like email or contact details so dear customers we kindly request you to please check this whether contact number or email address is responding properly or not otherwise you all will be responsible for your own mistake by not checking all these details and wasting your money in these type of scam sites.


After doing a deep analysis we come to the conclusion that this site is not safe and secure. is a newly introduced website. Right now this website introduced in the market just less than six months. Several scam websites introduced in the market are newly registered. They haven’t provided any specific information about their site hence we do not recommend this type of fake site and we suggest you to maintain distance from this type of fake website.

2 thoughts on “ review: Is Afotics a trustworthy website?”

  1. bought knock off MIchael Jordan Panda shoes. they were repainted, label sewn incorrectly, I complained and they promptly issued a return tag, but it expired due to my own fault. i asked for another and they wanted me to pay. I refused . i am not paying return fees , restocking fees for knock offs

  2. This website is a scam! Do not buy from them! Just check out the company address and you will understand. I purchased some shoes via Pay Pal and never received them. I ended up having to open a dispute with Pal Pal to get a refund. BUY BEWARE!!

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